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I'll make a description for this later but erp you know what to do?
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OOC Information
Player Name: Danielle
Player Age: 20
Player Contact: ddsapphire (Plurk, Tumblr) Fizzythevampy31 (AIM) Toothpasteandstuff (Skype)
Player/Character HMD: N/A
Other characters in game: N/A

IC Information
Character Name: Fon Master Ion
Character Canon: original video game canon
Potential spoilers under cut! )
Character Inventory: fon master robes, headwear, tuning fork necklace, sandals, staff, capacity core Scild Forte ("in the same way")
Samples: Test Drive, Third-Person Introspective
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April 4, 2013: Introduction
- Asch (x)
- Fado (x)
- Guy (x)
- Luke (x)
- Sheba (x)
- Taiki (x)

April 7, 2013: AU Luke (x)
April 7, 2013: Raven (x)
April 8, 2013: France (x)
April 15, 2013: Guy (x)

April 15, 2013: Event Log
- Jonouchi (x)
- Taiki (x)

April 15, 2013: Luke and Sheba (x)

April 28, 2013: Event Aftermath
- Jonouchi (x)
- Kanaya (x)
- Raven (x)
- Sheba (x)
- Taiki (x)

May 1, 2013: Asch (x)
May 8, 2013: Guy (x)
May 10, 2013: Tear (x)
May 10, 2013: Sync (x)
May 10, 2013: Original Ion (x)
May 11, 2013: Luke (x)
May 14, 2013: Anise (x)
May 16, 2013: Darres (x)
May 17, 2013: Tear (x)
May 17, 2013: Asch and Xion (x)
May 27, 2013: Anise (x)
May 27, 2013: Anise and AU Luke (x)
May 27, 2013: England and Colonial America (x)
May 30, 2013: Dark Pit (x)
June 1, 2013: Glamour Failure (x)
- Anise, Asch, Jonouchi, Original Ion, and Taiki
June 5, 2013: Asch (x)

Monster Mingle Threads (June Event)
June 9, 2013: Enoch (x)
June 9, 2013: Hidetoshi (x)
June 9, 2013: Maka (x)
June 9, 2013: Dark Pit (x)
June 9, 2013: Prussia (x)
June 10, 2013: Anise and AU Luke (x)
June 10, 2013: Shion (x)
June 10, 2013: Minato (x)
June 11, 2013: Gandalf and Samwise (x)
June 21, 2013: Anise and Original Ion (x)

July 1st-19th: June Aftermath Log
- Anise (x)
- Anise and Jonouchi (x)
- Original Ion (x)
- AU Luke (x)
- Ryoji (x)

July 2, 2013: Patrick (x)
July 6, 2013: Samwise (x)
July 10, 2013: Dio (x)
July 11, 2013
: Enoch (x)

July 11, 2013
- Ganondorf (x)

July 24, 2013: Jonouchi (x)

July 29th: Massive Infiltration Plot
- Sheba (x)
- Asch (x)
- Jonouchi (x)
- Group 02 Infiltration (x)
- Xion, Yu Narukami, Asch, Luke, Jonouchi Katsuya, Dark Pit, Sheba, and Jason/Mods

July 30, 2013: Jonouchi (x)
July 31, 2013: Xion (x)
August 6, 2013: Inuyasha (x)
August 9, 2013: Tear (x)
August 9, 2013: Florian (x)
August 11, 2013: Patrick (x)
August 14, 2012: Jonouchi and Anise (x)

September 3, 2013
: Bitty Meeting (
- Romeo and Yotsuba
- Introductions (x)
- Romeo, Ken, Mayu, Yotsuba, Wriggle, Yuka, Sealand, Quark, and Gamzee
September 4, 2013: Luke (x)

September 14th: Determination
- Rick (x)
- Ganta (x)
- Luke (x)
- Asch (x)
- England (x)
- Jonouchi (x)
- Aqua (x)
- Taiki (x)
- Xehanort (x)
- Henry (x)
- Original Ion (x)
- Tear (x)

September 24, 2013: Quarantine Event (x)
- Anise, Original Ion, Florian, Luke, Zemnas, Asch
October 2, 2013: Patrick (x)
October 6, 2013: Lorelei (x)
October 8, 2013: Ryoga and Luke (x)

November 7th: Discussion and Party

- Riku (x)
- Zelos (x)
- Mingle Thread (x)
- Patrick, Lorelei, Amelia, Enoch
November 22, 2013: Patrick (x)
November 25, 2013: 1369 (x)
- Anise, Fado, Sheena, Luke, Amelia, Tear, Riku
December 4, 2013: Danny (x)
December 6, 2013: Jade (x)

December 7th: Reaction Log
- Jade (x)
- Asch (x)
- Patrick (x)
- Taiki (x)
- Lorelei (x)
- Dark Pit (x)
- Xehanort (x)

December 15, 2013: Asch and Anise (x)


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Fon Master Ion
room 1-16 | box 7000
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Chest Contents

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Player Information

Name: Danielle, but you can call me icy, dd, saph, or whatever else you see fit (within reason)
Personal Journal: n/a
Age: 20
Contact Info: ddsapphire (plurk and tumblr), toothpasteandstuff (skype), fizzythevampy31 (aim)
Other Characters Played: n/a

Character Information

Character Name: (Fon Master) Ion
Character Series: Tales of the Abyss
Character Age: physically 14, created (give or take) 2 years ago
Character Gender: male
Original Canon/Alternate Universe Original video game canon
Canon Point: Shortly before Ion is kidnapped by Grand Maestro Mohs and forced to read the Planetary Score at Mt. Zaleho—which would have resulted in his death.
Background Link: click
Personality: Above all else, Ion is a kind heart, constantly putting the well-being of others before his own. Not only does he believe that this is the correct way to live his life, but he truly believes it to be his duty as an emissary of peace. To abandon or to turn a blind eye to the problems of those in need would be to shirk his responsibilities as the leader of the Order of Lorelei. He knows that he has physical limitations, and since his inception has been discouraged and reprimanded for taking a stand to what he believes to be right, but regardless of the consequences that may befall him Ion always follows his moral compass. And despite his outwardly docile nature, Ion's always been surprisingly willful in that regard. Sneaking away from his guards and walking into danger with the intent of helping a tribe of sacred cheagles as well as opposing those in the Order who would seek to control him for selfish means are things that he has done without hesitation.

Ion is also optimistic to a fault. He believes that there is good in everyone, and strives to find and point this out even when presented with an individual who is overwhelmingly without virtue. Even if this means being humble to the point he sells himself short. For this reason Ion is very easy to become friends with. He does, after all, try to treat everyone he meets with equal consideration, and who doesn't want to be friendly with a polite boy who flatters you even when nobody else will? He is perhaps, for this reason, far too trusting of the wrong people, but Ion would much rather have faith that someone will do the right thing or learn from their mistakes than refuse to give them a chance to redeem themselves. It can also be argued that the young Fon Master may be perhaps a tad too eager in his idealism--to the point where it could be considered self-sacrificing. He would, and has, put his life on the line with his decision to give those close to him the benefit of the doubt. And considering the fact that he doesn't consider himself to be irreplaceable,  Ion wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice himself in order to aid a friend in need, if given the opportunity.

Despite his young age, Ion has shown great maturity as the Fon Master. The more you know him, the harder it can become to view him as the small boy he really is. Ion takes his position in live very seriously, and has learned the meaning of responsibility more quickly than it takes most adult men. This may be due to how aware he is of his own mortality, but in any case his level-headedness along with his unfaltering desire to do assist the needy has given him the presence necessary to be a respected and worthy diplomat. Quite often he's had to serve as a peacemaker, whether it be as a messenger between the kings of enemy nations or simply to calm the nerves of certain (redheaded) members of his party.

Abilities: As the Fon Master and leader of the Order of Lorelei, Ion has the ability to use Daathic Fonic Artes. More specifically, these artes allow him to create curse slots upon a person as well as use a powerful attack called Akashic Torment. However, due to his weak constitution using artes results in him becoming dizzy, exhausted, and prone to fainting—and therefore only uses this move when backed into a corner and out of options. As far as curse slots, he feels morally opposed to them and if given the option, would never cast one upon a person. Ion is also capable of breaking Daathic seals and reading the Score, but such powers would hardly benefit him within the Tower.
Sample Entry: Test Drive Meme


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